There are numerous websites where consumers can order a contractor almost as easily as ordering take-out food. In truth, accepting a bid from a contractor who's never visited your home for a proper assessment is a great way to ensure disastrous results. Even if a website boasts the vetting of their contractors. The VetPros professionals are eager to meet you! For obvious reasons, hearing about your project in person is far better than a blind bid.


We fully understand that most people aren’t professional interior designers. Figuring out the right combination of flooring, lighting, tiling and cabinetry that will perfectly define your unique style can be cumbersome and time consuming. Let us help! We’ll design something for your space or work with whichever concept you may already have. We have a long list of suppliers with whom we collaborate to achieve stunning results.


As with each aspect of our business, all of our documents, contracts and estimates are generated with the highest levels of integrity, trustworthiness and fairness. We don’t use hidden messages in small print, confusing, misleading or exaggerated sales tactics. Your satisfaction is our main goal and we’re always happy to explain anything you don’t understand.


The VetPros carpenters are always courteous, respectful and considerate. Not only do we work with speed and efficiency to complete each stage of your project as scheduled, we’ll conduct our work with extra care to ensure that no damage occurs to any adjacent rooms, floor, walls or neighboring property. Enhancing your kitchen or bathroom should be one of your very best decisions, and we’ll do everything we can to help make that a reality.