About Us

We are a company created and operated by veterans with a goal of making unemployment a non-issue for all U.S. military veterans. We help our fellow vets alleviate their financial struggles by fulfilling the growing demand in “pay-by-hour” service requests from individual consumers and businesses. Veterans earn respectable, sustainable income by registering with us for free and providing a copy of their DD-214 document as proof of active duty and an honorable discharge.

We are a group of highly motivated advocates for our service men and women. We are well aware of the numerous companies who vow to hire veterans and set up booths to accept their applications at job fairs across the country. Yet we’re also fully aware of the fact that none of these companies will hire anyone without degrees, proper training and competitive skills. Thus, creating a conundrum for discharged personnel who have to figure out a means for “immediate” income – despite promises of future employment or free job training. That’s where we come in.

No one needs a degree or special training to walk dogs, assemble furniture or paint. The services offered on our site are skills they already have. Through the numerous project opportunities provided by our clients, our VetPros are able to fine-tune their skills for this work and better perfect their skills. We know that there are millions of folks across our great nation who want to support our veterans and we are proud to have created this great new way of benefiting everyone!

As we match our clients with suitable VetPros, we do it with immense pride, joy and a hope that our site can help hundreds of thousands of U.S. veterans finally get the support they need! Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or support you many need.