About us

We are a licensed and insured kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractor. Our company is owned and operated by military veterans who are highly skilled in the field of carpentry. We offer premium home renovation services in all five boroughs of New York. . Our lead carpenters bring a combined 30 years of real-world experience, technical trade school knowledge and years of proven success.

Customers already familiar with our brand know that in the past we have provided home & office services including light carpentry and a variety of handyman services for which we received a 98% approval rating from Amazon.com and continuing positive feedback from frequent customers. We have now refined and narrowed our focus to kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects as well as full home interior remodeling projects. We’ve reduced our staff to only our most skilled carpenters, while educating and training additional staff as we pursue our new direction and grow our company.

Why work with VetPros?

Many homeowners find themselves flirting with the idea of watching several DIY videos online and doing their project themselves. But spending money on tools which you barely know how to use and materials that are ruined when incorrectly or poorly applied can cost you far more expense than paying simply paying a professional to do the work. The harsh reality is before you start demolition on a bathroom, rebuilding walls and floor, then installing new plumbing, lighting and tiling, your first step should be to learn how to properly use the tools.

If you’re in a condominium or co-op situation, the mistakes you make could remain hidden for months or a few years before they surface in a way that effects even your neighbors around you. Not only would you pay to have your mistakes corrected, you’ll also be liable for the costs of repairing any damage to neighboring property.